The Forum is used for various events.

Photos Forum

Karin Rohländer, Stücheli Architekten, Zurich

General information

The forum comprises a demonstration hall (forum) with space for roughly 300 spectators, an attached kitchen for catering, classrooms and a tasting room for the sensory examination of food. Facilities for food preparation for tastings are located in the kitchen. The demonstration hall can be used for both internal and external training purposes as well as for general event (e.g. cattle shows and conferences). The forum offers enough space for the presentation of agricutural machines and can be used all year round thanks to the air-conditioning. 

Architecture of the Forum

Stücheli Architekten, Zurich


This room has space for 270 people and can be used for various activities:

  • Info-Veranstaltungen Information events
  • Presentation of animals
  • Exhibitions

The room has tiered seating and a wide circuit at the top where additional information can be placed during exhibitions. 

Classroom with animals

The classroom is a multifunctional room which can be used for various activities:

  • Training with animals
  • Preparation of animals before presentation in the forum
  • Cloakroom for large events

Multifunctional room - Sensory room

The multifunctional room on the top floor has space for 12 people for tastings. It can also be used as a meeting room. 


For events there is a catering kitchen with a cold storage room. 

Suisse Tier - National Trade Fair for Farm Animal Husbandry

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AgroVet-Strickhof Conference

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