Research on different altitudes

The four sites provide the cooporation AgroVet-Strickhof the possibility of research on valley, foothills of the alps and mountainous area.

Main site Lindau ZH

Dairy cows, calves and heather, cattle, pigs, horses, poultry and main research infrastructure.

Main site Lindau ZH

Site Wülflingen ZH

Cattle and Aquaponic

Site Wülflingen ZH

Site Früebüel, Walchwil ZG

Extensive keeping of breeding cattle and suckler cows, sheeps, fallow and roe deer on 1'000 metres above sea level.

Früebüel, Walchwil ZG

Site Alp Weissenstein, Bergün GR

Research on dairy cows, cattle, suckler cows and sheeps on 1'900 - 2'600 metres above sea level.

Alp Weissenstein, Bergün GR

AgroVet-Strickhof Sites

AgroVet-Strickhof has four sites. The buildings belonging to the Kanton of Zurich and the ETH Zurich are located at the main site in Lindau. The Wülflingen site belongs to the Kanton of Zurich and Alp Weissenstein to the ETH Zurich.

Lindau (ZH)

The main site Lindau, north of Effretikon:

Lindau Site
Eschikon 27
8315 Lindau ZH

Wülflingen (ZH)

The Wülflingen site north west of Winterthur:

Wülflingen Site
Riedhofstrasse 62
8400 Winterthur ZH

Früebüel (ZG)

The Früebüel site is located on the Zugerberg:

Früebüel Site
Früebüel 4, FVG
6318 Walchwil ZG

Alp Weissenstein (GR)

The Alp Weissenstein site is located on the Albula pass:

Alp Weissenstein Site
Crap Alv
7482 Preda GR


Video about the four sites

Taken using a drone in August 2017 by Thomas Widmer, post production by Malgorzata Sitnik and Joël Bérard.