Für Service im Rahmen von  Versuchen bei AgroVet-Strickhof wenden Sie sich bitte an die Leitung Forschung und Team.

Information to the procedure

Unten sind verschiedene Dokumente verlinkt um Anträge für Versuche bei AgroVet-Strickhof durchzuführen.

Regulatory Framework

Various laws and ordinances regulate animal experiments in Switzerland. Swiss and cantonal laws as well as ordinances are binding for the enforcement.

The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office
provides comprehensive information on animal welfare and experimentation on its website.

The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office also provides information on keeping of livestock.

The Veterinary Office of the Canton of Zurich is the licensing authority for experiments that are carried out in the Canton of Zurich (operating sites Lindau and Wülflingen).

The Veterinary Service of Zug
is responsible for the Früebüel farm site and the Office for Food Safety and Animal Health of Graubünden is responsible for the Alp Weissenstein site.

Below are the essential regulations:

Animal Protection Act (TSchG | SR 455)
Animal Protection Ordinance (TSchV | SR 455.1)
Ordinance on animal experiments (SR 455.163)
Animal Protection Training Ordinance (TSchAV | SR 455.109.1)