Core functions from the three institutions:


Teaching | Education

Knowledge transfer | Advisory service

Goals of AgroVet-Strickhof

The goal of AgroVet-Strickhof, a cooperation in education and research between Strickhof, ETH Zurich and The University of Zurich, is to position itself as a national and international competence centre for education and research, especially in the following disciplines: 

  • Agricultural education and training, as well as advisory services
  • Higher education - agricultural and veterinary medicine disciplines
  • Research - national and international research projects

Focal Points

The research should have both national and international importance. All three institutes are active in research, and cooperation and exchanging of expert knowledge are key to their success. The most important focal points of the research in the years to come are as follows:
  • Economically and ecologically sustainable, location specific agricultural production
  • Preserving land, air, water and energy
  • Prevention of livestock disease
  • Animal friendly keeping of livestock: stressfree milk and meat production
  • High food quality