Wülflingen Site (ZH)

The Wülflingen site, which belongs to the Kanton of Zurich, also concentrates on beef cattle and suckler farming.


Since 1998 the operations of the former agricultural school Wülflingen (founded in 1927) have been integrated into the Strickhof site. The site has a high-performance purebred herd of 20 Charolais and 20 Simmental cows. Besides a selection of buildings and school buildings used for various purposes, viticulture and aquaponics are taught. Aquaponics is the combination of aquafarming and hors-sol production of plants, which come together through symbiosis. The Wülflingen site, which belongs to the Kanton of Zurich, also concentrates on beef cattle and suckler farming. The barn for suckler farming was built in 2002 and is open on all sides, offering space for 68 large livestock units which are held according to RAUS and BTS standards. The animals can be kept in deep litter or in cubicle housing. The agricultural land at Wülflingen covers 31 hectares, which is divided into 11 hectares of cultivated land including artificial pasture, 15 hectares of meadow and pasture land and 5 hectares of fruit and vines. The herd at Wüflingen is made up of 20 Charolais and 20 Simmental cows with their calves and a few F1 crossbreed animals. There is a further barn for various needs which includes 8 places where beef cattle can be tethered. There are also teaching rooms and a presentation room for animals.


  • 1927/28: Opening of the new school building and the school garden facility
  • 1928: Start of the first housekeeping course
  • 1929-1932: Planting of the first school vineyard "obere und untere Lage"
  • 1934: Acquisition of the "Rosengarten" property
  • 1937: Introduction of chicken, pig, sheep and beekeeping
  • 1939: Construction of a wine press on site 
  • 1940: Start of operations at the Rosengarten property including the allotment
  • 1940: Introduction of beef cattle farming (start with 3 cows)
  • 1949: Introduction of horse keeping
  • 1951: Construction of an economics building 
  • 1962: Construction of a new washing installation with cold and warm water for in-house students
  • 1963: Switch from horse to tractor power
  • 1965: Renovation to include a common room and changing room with toilets and showers
  • 1966: Leasing of Wülflingen Castle
  • 1967: Construction of a handiwork building 
  • 1968: Creation of a staff building
  • 1980-1987: Planning and construction phase of new buildings
  • 1987, 19. June: Inauguration of the new buildings
  • 1998: Integration into Strickhof and renaming as «Strickhof Wülflingen»

The Wülflingen site is located on the outskirts of Winterthur

Agrovet-Strickhof Wülflingen Site
Riedhofstrasse 62
8400 Winterthur

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