Office and Laboratory Building

This building comprises around 40 office spaces for researchers, laboratories for the analysis of feed and food, tissue and blood samples as well as rumen liquid, faeces and urine. There is also a facility to simulate rumen liquid in vitro.  

Modern offices

In addition to the offices there are 2 meeting rooms and 2 lounge rooms in the office and laboratory building.

Modern laboratories for various uses

The laboratories are all built according to the laboratory specifications of the ETH Zurich. These were first applied during the 3rd extension stage at the ETH's Hönngerberg site for the Department of Chemistry and Biosciences, fulfilling the highest requirements. 

The 1st phase of the laboratory buildings at Hönngerberg was opened in 2001, and the 2nd phase in 2004. 

Special rooms

In order to fulfill the various research requirements, the following infrastructure rooms for storage and waste disposal exist:

  • A combined fridge-freezer per laboratory floor
  • A storage room per laboratory floor with a -80 degrees freezer
  • A room with 8 -80 degrees freezers (all water cooled)

Rusitec - HGT

On the lower floor is the Rusitec HGT room. The Rusitec, which is located here, can simulate an artificial rumen.