At AgroVet-Strickhof, forward-looking research is carried out in the domain of livestock. The research covers both fundamental and applied research. 

 The research should have both national and international importance. Besides national key aspects of applied research, international research focuses on the fundamental ideas of the world food system as a research strategy for sustainable agriculture. The relevant strategic research principles include "nutrition security" and "food safety". A further focal point of the research is disease prevention in the production of livestock. The reasons for disease are dependent on a number of factors. 

All three institutes are active in research, and cooperation and exchanging of expert knowledge are key to their success. The most important focal points of the research in the years to come are as follows:

  • Economically and ecologically sustainable, location specific agricultural production
  • Preserving land, air, water and energy
  • Prevention of livestock disease
  • Animal friendly keeping of livestock
  • High food quality

Research Focal Points by AgroVet-Strickhof

  • Resource efficient food production with farm animals
  • Low emission in production systems by animal husbandry
  • Use of digital help in agriculture; Smart-Farming
  • Prevention of farm animal disease
  • Stress free production and ethical husbandry